Discount Time!

Discount Time!!!

Sweetiers,are you Hungry and thirsty? or don’t have much money to have breakfast and dinner in restaurant?

don’t worry, Now sweety swear  open the discount time for special menu.

discount up to 30%

check it out!

sparkling strawberry lemonade

Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade- Wonderfully sweet, Tangy, Refreshing,  and Bubbly.

Disc 20%, Rp 36.500,00

Rp 29.200,00




Shirley Temple , jar maraschino cherries with stems Ice bottle ginger ale or lemon-lime carbonated beverage, chilled Orange slices…very fresh!

Disc 25%

Rp 31.000,00

Rp 23.250,00


Choco  sunday


Choco Sunday , milk chocolate with vanilla cream make your good sunday.

Disc 30% , Rp 27.000,00 

Rp 18.900,00

So ..Come to Sweety Swear NOW, and Enjoy the Discount Time on 20 – 25 july 2014.

Only in “Sweety Swear..I Swear, It’s Delicious

JL.Tanjung II no.1134



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